The Importance Of The Human Immune System And Autoimmunity

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The Human immune system and Autoimmunity
The human immune system is a true strong-hold and defender, which response firmly and swiftly to attacks from foreign invaders. It has the ability to manipulate change in order to optimize the response and quarantine many of the unwanted intrusions. The Human immune system has many purposes. They include, defending the body against infectious microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria and viruses-by destroying and resisting them. The Human immune system is compromised of multiplex and crucial cellular networks and organs that defend against infection. Most of the time, it’s effects is very phenomenal, also conversely it can become compromised causing it to attack self-cells .In this essay we will assess the human
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Scleroderma- a chronic autoimmune disease is characterized by inflammation and damage to the skin and internal organs. Secondly, Juvenile dermatomyositis , which is a common disorder; is characterizes by inflammation in muscle and damage in the skin. Finally, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is a disease, where the immune system attacks body parts, such as feet and hands, as if they were foreign tissues. An autoimmune disorder can be very dangerous and may cause abnormal growth and change in body function. The dimensions of the problems, regarding autoimmune disorders. Autoimmune diseases threaten the health of many Americans. As much as eleven millions Americans suffer crucially from eighty different illnesses caused by autoimmunity. Women are at high risk for auto immune disorder thus statistically seventy-five percent of affected sources are females. It is among the ten leading mortality causes among women in all age groups. According to ( Jacobson , 84: 223-243, 1997), The bar graph shows the prevalence of the top 10 autoimmune diseases in the United States in

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