The Importance Of The Holy Baptism

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“Holy Baptism”

Baptism is one of the most valued sacraments in the Lutheran church. Baptism offers the “stamp” of God saying to His baptized child as He did His Son, Jesus Christ: “You are my beloved Son [daughter], in whom I am well pleased (Luke 31:21-22).” God offers assurance to the individual through the institution of Baptism in the Church. This sacrament comforts parents of the young children who have died, and families who at the time of a death of a family member or loved one who had not seen in years, can look to Scripture in hope. The sacrament also offers comfort to those living questioning whether God could possibly love them, in Baptism He answers with a resounding “yes, I love you.” They can have assurance in their faith and belief in God’s rich love and graciousness that their loved ones were marked in Baptism and kept by God during their life into death and continuing into eternity. The Lutheran confessors and Christian theologians throughout history have offered their fullest attention to the sacrament of Baptism and held it in high regard and faith throughout
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The Lutheran Book of Prayer contains multiple prayers dealing with one’s own baptism or fellow Christian’s baptism. One such prayer is designed for remembrance of one’s own personal baptism. The baptized prays “Dear Father in heaven, You have adopted me as Your very own and given me Your name in the waters of Holy Baptism (Lutheran Book of Prayer, 80).” Thus, exemplifying that those who are Baptized and believe are no longer under the weight of the law with no hope of salvation. They have been given the promise of the resurrection and through Baptism have died to sin and buried and resurrected with Christ, with the promise of resurrection and eternal life as written in Romans

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