Reflective Essay: How The Holland Code Changed My Life

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When first taking the Holland Code, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I stepped into it thinking that it would be similar to the personality assessment that is sometimes administered in high school. I wasn’t totally wrong, but my results were far from what I had in mind. SAC, or Social, Artistic and Conventional are the categories that I scored the highest in while taking the Holland test. While my results weren’t what I had in mind while I was taking the test, I can see how they fit me and have a tremendous effect on how I live my life. Since the first two letters of my Holland test tied, I’ll go into details of the letter I think fits me the best. Although I identify as an introvert and prefer to either spend my time alone or with very close friends, I’ve always felt a certain fulfillment when I help other people. Being Social means that I enjoy working with people on a personal level. This connects directly to my Dorsey snapshots; making family connections is the most important aspect of my life, and I dream of a career where I can help others. Social is a perfect pick for my first letter, I’ve always loved getting to know knew people and building relationships with them. To be completely honest, when I worked for my aunt at her store, she told me that she would have fired me after a few weeks had it not been for how much the …show more content…
Being conventional ties straight into something I said in my career snapshot; I want someone to instruct me. I want clear instructions on what is required of me, I prefer to have structure in my life. Being conventional doesn’t mean that I’m cold or strive to achieve power, it just means that I enjoy knowing what I need to do. Even compared to my LCI scores, I’m a highly sequential person and I need order and structure in my life to achieve what I’m meant to do. Even though Conventional wasn’t my highest scoring code, I can absolutely see how it comes into play in my

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