The Importance Of The Hobbit

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What does every good movie or book have in it? What made The Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit so popular? What gave it the sense of awe? For me it was the sense of adventure, and I bet that is what it was for you too. An ordinary hobbit, nothing different or exciting about him, was suddenly thrust into the middle of a grand adventure. Adventure: it is what some people, including me, live for; not the generic fly here, buy our hotel package, experience controlled danger type of adventure. A real genuine adventure; one that is unexpected, spontaneous, taken with loved ones, out of the ordinary, something that maybe other people wouldn’t consider and adventure. That is a real adventure.
Most people are never going to have an epic quest dropped in their laps. Sure, there are a few people that have extraordinary things around every corner but for most of us we live our normal lives and are and may never undertake a titanic voyage. To me that is time wasted. I may not have tales of grandeur thrust upon me, but I certainly seek it out. Anyone can seek out adventure, and it’s not hard if you know where to look. Sure, it is not guaranteed to always be safe but that’s what makes it fun. Even if I die on some crazy adventure then that’s ok, I know where I’m going when I die (plus hopefully it would make a cool news story)
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One that rivals even Italy and Half of Northern Europe. It all started when my friend Braydon asked our group if wanted to spend our spring breaks in Kansas. For months we planned every detail, what we would take, and who’s cars we would drive up in; we were even able to keep it a secret from a majority of our other friends. Every day the suspense would build. We set up secret side group texts, passed around notes with shopping list on them in school like a bunch of little girls, and we had all of the parents notified so they would feel better about our

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