The Importance Of The Hmong New Year

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Register to read the introduction… Soccer is a big tournament that takes place during Hmong New Year. Soccer is given the top highest prize money for the winning team. First place gets five thousand dollars. 3. Unlike Soccer and Kato, both male and females play volleyball. Prices are given as well. The winning teams both males and females get five hundred dollars as their winning prize.

D. There is the talent show. 1. The talent show consist of multiple groups and sometimes individual performing some kind of traditional performance.
a. One of the performances consists a group of girls performing a tradition dance.
c. The Hmong flute is called Sao 'Raj'; it is another intricate part of the talent show. The Sao is a vertical flute pierced with finger holes. The Hmong Sao is a single flute with hard and colorful timber; the sound it produces is harsh and sweet. When the Sao flute is being played on stage, the music captures the hearts of the audience and the hearts of young girls.

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II. The tradition Hmong
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The food that is offered at Hmong New Years.

A. After a long day of enjoying the sports and activities, people go to the booth where they sell different varieties of food, such as bbq pork and chicken. These foods are served with a plate of rice and peppers. Hmong sausage is one of the popular plates within the variety of food. It has a distinct taste of ginger and pepper made with pork. B. Another popular plate is papaya salad. It’s basically made with papaya fruit, tomatoes, lime juice, pepper, and tamarind juice. C. Lastly, there are also multiple fruit drinks and snacks. a. According to Jeff Lindsay on his website, he said that he had talked to many people of different races about this event and many loves it. They agree that it's a one of a kind celebration because it brings the community together in various ways and really show what the Hmong culture is about. Conclusion: When people go to any HNY event held around the world they can expect to see a variety of colorful Hmong tradition dresses, expect to enjoy different Hmong traditional foods, and expect to be entertain with traditional Hmong dances, music, pageant, and more. Also, there are activities and games that anyone can participate in, such as the traditional ball toss

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