Habits Of Mind 1 Mindset

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When I think about my classroom this year in relationship to the Habits of Mind one mindset truly stands out, responding with wonderment and awe. This year my students are so intrigued when there is some type of mystery that we have to solve. They love to use their imagination, which allows them to see the content in a very different way. In our current math block on Friday students participate in a math investigation called Truly Problematic Situation. This is a time where students have to come up with a solution to a challenging situation. Students are to complete the activity with out any direction of possible strategies from the teacher. This week was the first time we tried to complete this task and it went very well. I framed this week’s …show more content…
These are two key points that will set my students up for success this year. Many of my students have a fixed mindset where they do not want to push forward or complete any work that is not easy. Laureate Education, Inc (2011) states that in order for students to have a growth mindset they must put forth effort and push themselves to complete tasks that are difficult. I have found that many students shut down when they see new material that they perceive as difficult before even starting. I have had many students say I do not want to try because it is to hard. As the material gets more difficult and I want my students to become independent thinkers like Common Core calls for, it is important that they become persistent. Moving forward I believe that I must model this for them and give them examples where this will be applicable in real …show more content…
While working in a very structured school environment I believe we cripple students by having someone consistently think for them. When students leave these structured environments they struggle. As Kipp (n.d) states self-control applies to schoolwork and interpersonal relationships. Students may get to college but have trouble staying not only based on academics but also being able to create the structure that was provided for them for so long. Many of my students struggle to control body movements without redirection or keep their hands to themselves when someone is not looking. I have noticed that they have to be monitored at all times as they will not choose to do the right thing when someone is not watching. As I think about the long-term effects of this it is important that I teach my students to self-monitor. I consistently tell them that they should choose to do the right thing and manage their own behavior. I want my students to be able to function and excel in a less structured

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