The Influence Of Eleanor Roosevelt At UNICEF

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UNICEF is a wonderful foundation that helps many children and women around the world. They have fundraisers to raise money for children with cancer. At the moment the leader of UNICEF is stepping down therefore, UNICEF is in need of a new leader that will contribute to helping the children. The new leader needs to be brave,needs to be a kind, helpful human being, and wants gender equality. Eleanor Roosevelt is the perfect person to be the leader of UNICEF. Eleanor does not have a lot of experience with children but she did have 3 siblings. As a child she was shy, withdrawn, and felt unwanted and I think that is a connection with the kids at UNICEF. Eleanor got along with her sibling and she was kind to them. Being kind will be great for UNICEF because if she is kind she will get along with other people better. I think that Eleanor Roosevelt is very hardworking and she …show more content…
Even though she does not have a lot of experience with children she’s still kind and will be a good leader for the kids because she will nice to them. “Eleanor worked in the charity kitchens, ladling out soup” (Jacobs pg. 94). Since she is kind to other people she should be the new leader of UNICEF. Eleanor will make a great leader for UNICEF since she is kind to children. Eleanor Roosevelt did believe in gender equality because she would always stand up for women’s rights. After World War 1 Eleanor Roosevelt began working with the International Congress of Working Women and the International League Of Peace. She started to work with them because she wanted to address the causes of poverty and war. She also wanted gender equality. This shows that Eleanor Roosevelt did believe in Gender Equality and she did want Peace in Wars and poverty. Eleanor Roosevelt does have leadership experience. She has leadership experience because she worked for International Congress of Working Women and

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