Technology And Police Brutality

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With the recent decisions to refrain from bringing charges, many have begun to question the whole grand jury system. This situation has caused certain “leaders in New York [to call] for special prosecutors, or the attorney general, to investigate all fatal encounters” (McKinley & Baker, n.d.). Legal experts have said that because the prosecutors select a “special grand jury to investigate police-related deaths, they insulate themselves from the final decision, while appearing to fulfill the public desire for an independent review” (McKinley & Baker, n.d.). Due to these ongoing problems many citizens feel betrayed by the court system as evidenced by the Grand Jury decision not to indict the officers who were accused of the death of Eric Garner. …show more content…
Most people have cell phones with video capabilities, which make the recording of an incident feasible, and very simple. Along with what we see on the streets, police brutality is being brought into the classroom as well. In a recent situation at a high school in South Carolina, a police officer was caught on camera taking a teenage girl to the ground and dragging her out of the classroom after she was asked by her teacher to give up her cell phone. This is just one of the latest incidents involving police officers using excessive force against students. With these incidents becoming more relevant, many people are coming to the conclusion that having police in schools is one way that is contributing to our militarized society. They see police in schools that are dealing with these minor issues, like not complying with directions, as contributing to the so-called school to prison pipeline. Even though these people don’t agree with having police officers in school settings, they are needed to keep the peace and to just be there to protect the students if something terrible were to happen. Now with this incident that happened in South Carolina, we need to look at the bigger picture, rather than just what the media decides to show us. The police officer could have used his force more wisely, but how long can one use their words before they realize that talking about it doesn’t always work. In some cases, the police officers do need to use their force to control a

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