The Importance Of The Fight Between Men And Women

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Most countries and businesses are unable to solve the fight between men and women today. It has been a tradition and belief that men are stronger than women and they should therefore take the best positions in the business. However, women have been able to improve their status and proved people wrong. This has resulted into a fight between the two genders, each trying to take the better positions in a business. Men, for example, have always been considered as the leaders of their families. This resulted in a conviction that they should remain leaders everywhere and not leave any leadership position for the women. The reality today is that, women have started being treated as men. As a result, some of the leadership positions in organizations are set for women. In addition, the other employees are taught on the importance of women and their role in the business, thus reducing gender discrimination. In most cases, women have been seen as good and successful leaders, thus creating trust and changing people’s traditional ways of thinking. In the Syntec Corporation, just as in other businesses, the condition has been similar. Women have always been neglected at the corporation, but as time goes by, this bad belief is being forgotten.
Sexual harassment is a common issue in most corporations today. As a result, it is important for these organizations have a separate policy on sexual harassment. A corporation implements
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First, the opening statement is very strong. This will therefore show individuals the corporation’s attitude towards sexual harassment, making the policy more effective. The policy is also very clear and explains every part well, including when the conduct is considered as harassment and the firm penalties. In addition, the policy defines the exact meaning of sexual harassment, making it clear to everyone. These elements will make this sexual harassment have greater

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