The Importance Of The Father And Mother Have On Their Children 's Cognitive Development Through Play

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The purpose of the article is to describe and explain the importance the father and mother have on their children’s cognitive development through play in a longitudinal study.


The importance of the father involvement in their child’s life and the father’s income influences the child’s life drastically through academic achievement, peer relations, cognitive development, and behavioral or emotional regulation. The authors asked if mother and father engagement relates to children’s outcome, and if the father and child stay associated after the influence of material engagement and demographic factors. Studies have shown that mother’s being sensitive has positively benefited children, but being controlling and harsh adversely affects developmental outcomes.

In this longitudinal study, the authors examined whether father and child associations are explained by demographic characteristics, effects on mother and child relationships, or stability in child’s competencies. The authors hypothesized, “that fathers’ and mothers’ engagements would directly relate to children’s cognitive and language outcomes above one another.” The authors also hypothesized, “that fathers’ demographics would promote children’s development through associations with the mother and child relationship”.


A total of 1,168 families enrolled in the study when they sign-up for childcare and parenting services at a community agency, but only 111 families were able to complete…

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