The Importance Of The Family Guidance Center

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There are many community resources that families and early care and education programs can use to support children’s need for initiative (Wardle, 2007). Not only can community resources be used both by families and the early care and education program, but each can inform the other of existing resources and their value for young children (Wardle, 2013). Building a resource file to keep in the classroom with community organizations will help you when the parents come to you for assistance. You should continually add to your file to keep it up-to-date, this way you will always be able to provide your families with a variety of services and organizations that can help them. From experience as an early childhood professional parents have come to me about job trainings, GED classes, and after school childcare programs. Having a resource file in the classroom to reference gave me the opportunity to provide the parents with information that could help them.
One very good community resource to have in the file is the Family Guidance Center. Family Guidance provides support to families through parenting education, counseling, childcare assistance, and job training. Family Guidance also provides early childhood trainings and seminars to teachers free of charge. These trainings
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These are topics that many parents need assistance in and don’t know who to talk to about it. This website can offer answers and solutions to get them on the right track. There are numerous kids programs and videos that help children learn while they are having fun and the programs are developmentally and age appropriate. Parents can sign up to receive the PBS Parents Newsletter where they will find parenting tips, recipes, and interactive game suggestions for

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