Essay on The Importance Of The Failure Of The Weimar Republic

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Assess the significance of the failure of the Weimar Republic.
Post WW1, Germany was in complete and utter disarray. A new government had been put into place to replace the abdicated Kaiser Wilhems II. The governments’ questionable decision making and democratic government system led to many significant events in Germany from 1919-1945. Founded by Fredrich Ebert in 1919 the Weimar Republic caused a large amount of social, economic and political problems within the country. The Weimar Republic was formed from almost nothing; therefore, the formation of the government had a lot of flaws and rules that people could take advantage of such as; Proportional representation, Article 48. Their poor basis in their formation led to many unwanted consequences. This essay will highlight the significant events in Germany caused by the failures of the Weimar Republic.
Throughout the Weimar period, the government had to face and try to solve numerous problems. Unfortunately, they failed in doing so, which led to devastating consequences. Arguably, the most significant consequence of the Weimar Republic’s failure was Hitler’s rise to power. Hitler was a very good orator and had a very appealing charisma to the citizens of Germany during 1933. His false promises and ability to take advantage of unfortunate events were his pillars of strength during his rise to power. The Weimar government could do very little about the social, economic and political problems. Their constant lack of support…

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