The Ethics Challenge In Public Service

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Writing Assignment #1 D+P+E=Iii
Adrienne Harker
St. Petersburg College, Ethics PUP 3054

Writing Assignment #1 D+P+E=Iii
Public service job involves decisions, and the public servant holds the public power and authority. The public institution and the person are held accountable for their actions. How an individual makes decisions includes both personal and professional ethics. The individual’s personal integrity is paramount to being a successful public servant. Trust is paramount in any relationship, and trust in a public servant can create a successful institution and community. In order to fulfill D+P+E=Iii, an administrator must bring personal values and moral character to the profession. The reason, morals are core
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In the context of serving the public what is the importance of each of these factors for a public administrator?
To paraphrase the text, “The Ethics Challenge in Public Service” Democracy is a practical reality in the U. S. and is a framework for impartiality. The public institution should operate with neutrality, abide by the laws, and promote the constitutionality, which includes equality, human dignity, accountability, and transparency.
Professionalism, expert knowledge, and credentials add to the authority of the institution and individual. Similar to a peer reviewed paper, professional organizations support the quality of the individual’s work and demeanor. The overarching aspect of a professional organization is that they are self-regulating and self-policing, which helps to demonstrate the value placed in the profession. Importantly, the autonomy of the institution remains a guiding force that brings consistency and qualifications to the
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It is paramount that the public trust be maintained thought ethically sincere actions. There needs to be a system in place that drives a person to unbiased decisions, and actions that create a continuity of integrity for the institution and the individual. A person in public service will have to make multiple decisions or judgements under tensions and competing needs. The components of democracy and professionalism will help an individual maintain their authentic and sincere sense of being whole and intact during times of stress and ambiguity. Integrity of office or department is essential to maintaining the public

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