The Importance Of The Drinking Age In The United States

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n my paper I argue why the drinking age in the United States should be preserved at the current age of twenty-one because it has shown to decrease the amount of drunk driving incidents. In the past history of the United States, the impurities of alcohol have shown to lead to poor judgment in the means of getting into a motorized vehicle after consuming a large quantity of alcohol. In the mid 1970s of the United States, alcohol was involved in 60% of traffic fatalities, and alcohol was the leading cause of alcohol related deaths among the ages between 16 to 20 (NIH). At this time, the legal drinking age was at 18. Action needed to be taken in order to preserve and protect the young population of the United States. After implementing the new …show more content…
The United States has a different philosophy than Europe. Rather than enforcing strict traffic laws on the population, they make it harder for the younger population to get ahold of alcohol (Richburg). The United States has to decided to educate their young people about the harmful effects of alcohol, and why an individual should not consume any alcoholic beverage until they are the age of 21. They also teach the young population that they should be very responsible when consuming alcohol beverages, because of intoxication are very dangerous. Within in the future the United States will be working on more research on the effects of alcohol at each age group and understanding what environments tend to lead to more alcoholic consumption, and what we can do to stop it. They are working on becoming better at diagnosis an alcoholic problem and even have community-based prevention programs to keep people from consuming alcohol so that no one gets behind the wheel drunk (NIH). MLDA laws show results that young adults are consuming less alcohol at the age of 21 years or older and as well of those under the age of 21 (Age 21). The less being consumed by an individual is saving plenty of lives because they are being a responsible drinker, and most likely will not get behind the wheel of a car because they have been drinking. Designated drivers are also a big thing in the United States. Having an individual who is entirely sober to drive around a group of buddies that want to go out on a night and consume alcoholic beverages. The people can drink as much as they want as the designated drivers stays sober and makes sure everyone in that car makes it home safe. The United States has their own ways of driving down alcoholic to driving rates, and it seems to be working for

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