Department Of Homeland Security

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On September 11, 2001, our nations was faced with a very tragic terror attack. That attack led to many American losing their lives and fighting to find the pieces of their lives that was left in the dark. The country was at a loss because we had to act fast and become receptive to the possibility of America being attacked more in the future. The current President at the time, President George Bush, was very proactive when it came to the attacks on the nation. The president and his cabinet organized and came up with the idea of the Department of Homeland Security, A department charged with protecting the homeland, by not only protecting America, but its citizens also from terrorist attacks. It is extremely important that the department carry …show more content…
We should feel safe having a department that works hand and hand with our Department of Defense and they hold the power and knowledge to keep us safe, and prevent attacks for the future. Although an attack can happen at any given moment within this country, but the DHS have proven themselves worthy to protect this country. This country has been much safer since the attacks on 9/11, and the starting of the Department was very intelligent. Department of Homeland Security is a good insurance that we will not let down our guard and become complacent. The reason we have fusion centers, partner agencies and private sectors, is all the reason that I’m sure our guards will remain up. I feel secure going to the airports knowing that we have top security working those front lines keeping us safe, it’s not just the military who provides safe keeping to the United States, but others as well; that’s what makes us such a great

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