The Role Of Rubbish In The Media

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The culture industry is responsible as a producer of rubbish in the media. However the consumers in which the culture industry produces for are also responsible for all the rubbish that is in the media.
The culture industry was coined by two German theorist of the Frankfurt School. The two theorists Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno theorised that the culture industry is akin to a factory producing standardised cultural goods with examples like films and magazines. These produced media is used to manipulate the mass consumers who have encountered these forms of media which would in turn lead to passivity. Consumers who come into such form of media is very widespread as it is readily made available by mass communications media. According to
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Hegemony is political or cultural dominance over others. As the time passes on hegemony would be formed as others with exert their ideology over the general population. It was a more effective way to wield power by exerting dominance over others thoughts and actions. It is responsible for the rubbish in the media as over the course of time we get used or rather accustomed to the way things are. Therefore if these people in positions of power make a statement we would just take it as it is and not question further. Although normally such things would relate more to the political scene it does not apply exclusively. A prime example of hegemony contributing to rubbish in the media is the church or rather Christianity. Once a pastor or a person in a position of power says something the people in which they appeal to would blindly follow. A pastor in the America demanded his congregation so buy him a private jet. This is rubbish in the media as having a pastor having a private jet. Majority of the population would largely be affected by this however it was widely distributed. Thus this is how hegemony contributes to the culture industry being responsible for the rubbish in the …show more content…
An example of such rubbish in the media is the influence of the definition of beauty which perceived by mass media. In the study conducted on why twelve year olds put on make-up. The media has influenced the way we think about ourselves by crafting a desirable look that many would warp our thinking.
We the consumers are also responsible for the rubbish in the media today. Present day audiences are no longer a passive one and are active. Using the Osgood and Schramms model it is a two way communication, a circular model. Originally it was a sender with a message being sent to a receiver. However with Osgood and Schramms model it shows that there would be feedback in the communication process as the audience is an active audience and would give feedback to the

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