The Importance Of The Council Of Trent

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Register to read the introduction… Prompted by the opposition of the Reformation, the council clarified and redefined the Church's doctrine, abolished many ecclesiastical abuses, and strengthened the authority of the papacy. These measures provided the Church with a solid foundation for the Counter-Reformation.

Justifications of Faith Alone - Martin Luther's doctrine

Imation of Christ - (Thomas A. Kempis) b. 1379 or 1380, d. 1471, German monk. In the Netherlands, he became (c.1413) an Augustinian priest. The great devotional work The Imitation of Christ has been traditionally ascribed to him, although some scholars doubt his authorship; Most popular religious book of the period

The Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism- Max Weber- His famous Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism (1904-5) related Calvinist ideals to the rise of capitalism. He emphasized the role of religious values, ideologies, and charismatic leaders in shaping

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