The Importance Of The British Industrial Revolution

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Why was the industrial revolution British, and what was it about Britain that allowed for the expansive economic growth to occur while the rest of Europe was comparably suffering? This question has been posed throughout history because of its significance and R.C. Allen provides a detailed analysis of what exactly occurred in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries to prompt the growth that produced the industrial revolution, as well as all the benefits that came along with it. It can be argued that no one factor contributed to the British industrial revolution alone, but that the circumstances of the island nation at the time created the ideal climate for technological change, agricultural change and the shift to industrialization. The significant factors include the high wage, cheap energy economy, British imperial pursuits, institutional and industrial change, scientific enlightenment, agriculture and urbanization as well as the geopolitics of the region. All of these factors …show more content…
Families could enroll their children in schooling and adults could engage in academia, particularly mathematics and science. This changes meant that the British population was relatively more educated and better suited to invent and adapt new technologies than their foreign counterparts (Allen, 137). As education and training was purchased the opportunity for invention increased. This was a significant turning point in history leading up to the industrial revolution, and illustrates from an educational point of view why the industrial revolution might have been a British phenomenon and not a Chinese or French one, for example. These other countries found themselves in a vastly different environment from an economic and standard of living point of view, and certainly did not have the capacity at the time to educate as many citizens as we saw in

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