The Importance Of The Book Of Revelation

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While there are certainly many valid reasons for studying the book of Revelation, this paper will focus on what I believe to be the three most significant and important of those reasons. The first reason that Revelation is worthy of our study and efforts is a simple one: it is part of the Bible! As part of God’s word, the book of Revelation is “given by inspiration of God” (2 Timothy 3:16 [NKJV]), literally meaning that it is “God-breathed”. Since Revelation is among the words given to man by God Himself, what right do we have to refuse to study it? Just as “all Scripture” is inspired, all Scripture is worthy of study. We should follow the wonderful example of the noble Bereans, who “searched the Scriptures daily” (Acts 17:11). As we seek …show more content…
Members of denominations, and even members of the Lord’s church, have misused and misapplied passages from the book of Revelation to formulate doctrines that are completely contrary to Scripture. Teachings such as Premillennialism, the saving of only 144,000, and even justifications for the use of mechanical instruments of music in worship to God have all been incorrectly derived from the book of Revelation. In fact, it would certainly be safe to assume that nearly every denomination holds to some false doctrine that is rooted in possibly as little as one verse from Revelation. As a result of the plethora of falsehoods taught regarding Revelation, it is crucial that we study this book! If we are to “contend earnestly for the faith” (Jude 3), we must be able to counter the false arguments that others develop from this book. If we cannot, then this Biblical ignorance will continue to spread without stop. However, it is not enough to only show the error in those incorrect positions. We must also be able to set forth the proper understanding of Revelation. By doing such, we will not only help to eliminate these many erroneous doctrines, but we will also be able to help safeguard from any new error as we help others to understand this book …show more content…
Contained within the signs and symbols of this book (Revelation 1:1), is a glorious message of victory. One who studies Revelation honestly and in its proper context will see the clear message of both Christ’s victory over His enemies (Revelation 12:11) and the victory that the saints have in Christ (Revelation 21:7) bursting through the imagery of the book’s apocalyptic language. This is a message that is every bit as important today as when the book of Revelation was written! God’s people were suffering persecution in the first century when this book was addressed to them, and this book brought them comfort and assurance of the Lord’s victory. Today, though our persecution may take different forms, we will experience trials and tribulations as we live in the manner that God has commanded us to (2 Timothy 3:12). As we continue to face these things during our daily walk as Christians, the book of Revelation can be a great source of hope, comfort, and assurance, but this is only possible if we study it! We must take the time and effort necessary to understand this book correctly in order to weed through the multitude of error taught about this book to find its true message. Once we do this, we will surely find the book of Revelation to be an interesting, uplifting, and worthwhile study. These are the three reasons that I feel are most essential regarding the necessity of studying the

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