10 Amendments To The Bill Of Rights

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The Bill of Rights is an article that’s original purpose was to both persuade the states to ratify the Constitution and to create a system of unalienable rights which all US citizens are entitled to. States wanted this “in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of... powers” by the federal government. This was a large fear at the time because of the recent revolution that was directly over misuse of power from the English federal government. The actual content of this article is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution, all of which concern various rights and protections for Americans. The first amendment is possibly the most important of all considering it is the most mentioned in modern day society when discussing freedom in America. It protects citizens’ right to free speech, religion, public assembly, and petition. These were all groundbreaking precedents at the time as no other countries at the time allowed and even encouraged their citizens to say whatever they wanted to about the country and its leaders. In fact, most nations, such as England, would throw a person in jail if they dared to challenge their government. Another key component of the …show more content…
Part of this is to prevent biased or prejudiced behavior in judges or other officials, like if the crime in question somehow concerned the judge’s family, he would still have to set the bail the same way he would for a similar case. The part about punishment is controversial even today. Some consider the death penalty to be cruel and unusual, while others think it is the most humane way to take a life and therefore not cruel. The law protects prisoners and suspects from things like torture, although these practices are still used on terrorists in Guantanamo. Some argue that national security trumps the rule regarding cruel and unusual punishment, while others disagree on the humanity of

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