The Importance Of The Belize Barrier Reef

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Register to read the introduction… A plan was approved that would help assist in the conservation of coastal resources. This plan included the monitoring and planning of new techniques, the implementation of research, and finally, public awareness.
In 2004, a petition was filed by Belize Institute of Environmental Law and Policy (BELPO) to request the World Heritage Site to list the Belize barrier reef on the endangered list. A press release from Candy Gonzalez states, “Putting the BBRS on the “In Danger” list is a positive step for the reef. It is something that can bring international focus as well as funding to management efforts. Once Belize has taken steps to better protect the World Heritage Site, it can be removed from the “In Danger” list” (Gonzalez, 2009, p 1).
Efforts made to Further Preservation Candy Gonzalez was very influential in making sure that every possible effort was made to further the preservation of the Belize barrier reef. In her press release from June 24, 2009, she calls on the government to implement the following
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The easiest and most common form of contribution is a monetary donation to an organization that supports this cause. Preservation efforts cost the government large sums of money every year. Donations will help to offset the costs of these projects. A couple of organizations that support the preservation of the Belize Barrier Reef are the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, and the United Nations Foundation. Many people organize fundraisers in order to raise larger sums of money to donate to the cause. An individual can find fundraising materials online or through their local community. Some people go to further extents and find satisfaction in starting their own organization. Whichever way an individual decides to become involved, the biggest goal is raising awareness in the community of the Belize Barrier Reef. The more people that are aware of what is happening, the better chance the reef has for …show more content…
An organization could not be successful without the help of people who volunteer their time to make a difference. Volunteering provides many benefits to the individual in addition to the cause. It builds bonds between people who are passionate about the same thing. Volunteering can make an individual feel good about trying to make the world a better place to live in for future generations to come. Another measure to consider is teaching our younger generations about the importance of preserving our cultural and natural heritage. The children of today will make an impact on tomorrow’s world. They should be taught about the roles that humans play in natural areas, such as the Belize Barrier Reef, and the impact of their actions. The Belize Barrier Reef is an important asset to our natural world. Human intrusion has upset the balance created among the ecosystem, and now many plants and animal species are struggling to survive. They will be lost forever if we do not step in to save

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