Bathroom Argumentative Essay

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Across the country, public restrooms have become the subject of heated debate as different parties are for and against the bathroom law. The Bathroom law has been passed in North Carolina being a state-wide law and regulates who enter what bathroom according to their gender listed on the birth certificate. Two parties are divided: first we have the Party who is in favor, the more conservative and traditional. We also have the party not in favor who is the newer, more liberal generation. Rights are being debated and given up to please the mass and tolerance is being stretched. Segregation is also prevalent at a time where the bathroom is an issue. In this case, transsexuals feel segregated from society, because a large …show more content…
The majority of people, for example: traditional and Conservative groups, are not in favor of transsexuals using any public restrooms because they feel uncomfortable and seeing a male figure entering a female restroom would likely end up in a confrontation. It’s not to be misinterpreted as being uncertain of security but more as mutual respect were both feel comfortable and not thrown into an awkward situation if they were to be in different restrooms. Again, most of society is fine with transsexuals and what they wish to do, but they are just worried about those who pose as one in order to prey on girls and other women. The group that wishes to legalize the ability for transsexuals to use whichever restroom might explain that in the Victorian era, the public restrooms were all genders used the same bathroom without questions, but that was a different time way back then when cameras weren’t an issue, now society is a little bit more perverted with the access of pornographic material and cameras society just isn’t the same back then as it is now. We as a society set up rules to conform to show respect otherwise what would stop a person from urinating or defecating outside in public, again we set up these rules to prevent problems from occurring and preventing anything uncomfortable or offensive to happen. Transsexuals wish to know that their preferences are accepted by society but there is other people to consider on if they feel comfortable or

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