The Importance Of The Military

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The largest organization in the United States is the Army. The Army is not only the only force standing between other militant forces and our homes, but is also a driving force in today’s society and economy. Without the Army, our country would be very vulnerable to foreign takeover. It is because of the Army’s mission, responsibility, purpose, and presence that our country can continue to be the way it is. The majority of people will agree with the above statements. The importance of the military in the United States can lead us to believe that they are the best of the best. We put our full faith and confidence in them and hope they do not let us down. In order to ensure that this does not happen, it is important to understand the weaknesses …show more content…
When simple necessities such as toilet paper, copy paper, ink, gear, and food become increasingly difficult to get, the overall readiness of our military is decreased. It lowers morale, puts doubt in soldiers mind of the capabilities of supply as well as their leaders. As the cost of needed materials such as brass increase, armed forces are cutting back on how many bullets a soldier gets to shoot while training at a shooting range. This leads to the inability to perform a soldier’s duties effectively. The need for resources is not one that can be overlooked as it is a necessarily evil to ensure that our country is safe and …show more content…
There is a lack of preparation and training being offered to the soldiers and this leads to a decrease in overall readiness of that unit. Lack of important resources such as food, toiletries, gear, and more lead to a decrease in moral and effectiveness in both garrison and combat. Communication is important to ensure that morale stays high, soldiers feel confident in their leadership, tasks are accomplished, and much more. Many people argue that too much money is spent on the department of defense. This money is not only used to pay soldiers salaries, but to pay for the food they eat, the gear they need, and the training that is necessary to survive and accomplish the mission. Soldiers give their lives for our country and it is wrong to try and take things that they need away from them. Giving soldiers more preparation, more resources, and better communication will allow for a highly trained, motivated, skilled, and effective military. One that is ready for all threats, who can go anywhere at any time and do anything. This is the Army’s mission, and it is our responsibility as citizens to make sure this is

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