Characteristics Of An Ancient Warrior

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Throughout history, many ancient warriors, leaders, and emperors have attempted to lead their people to triumph and prosperity. In order to achieve this, one must possess distinctive qualities to aid them to advance in battles or other harsh conditions. Ancient warriors were observed and entrusted by multitudes of people, so they needed to have a superb sense of strategic planning for their military force, thorough persuasion abilities for communication, and a constant honorable spirit.
In order to defeat one’s enemy, one must construct a well-developed strategic plan to translate to their military force. For instance, Fritigern, who was the leader of the Germanic tribe, Visigoths, led his followers to strive in the Battle of Adrianople in
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Alexander the Great, the ruler of Macedonia from 336-326 BCE, used this quality in order to convince his army to continue with their conquering of India after their victory against the Indian potentate Porus. After viewing their weary attitudes, alexander stated, “I observe, gentlemen, that when I would lead you on a new venture you no longer follow me with your old spirit” (“Arrian, Speech of Alexander the Great”, Envisioning World Civilizations, 177). He was compassionate enough to understand their state of mind. However, he could not comprehend their attitudes since his men had traveled as far as they did. Later, he told them “through your courage and endurance you have gained possession of Ionia; you have made yourselves masters of the lands” (“Arrian, Speech of Alexander the Great”, Envisioning World Civilizations, 177). Alexander persuaded his men by telling them all of their accomplishments, forcing the men to ponder the possibilities if they neglected this quest. Declaring that one must have a life of courage to gain glory, he convinces them the people that will stay will obtain land and possess riches. Although a warrior, such as Alexander the Great, conveyed an excellent message to strive towards another victory, the decision to move forward with him were open to any …show more content…
One of its most crucial rule and essential quality for an ancient warrior is carrying out a constant honorable spirit. The Bushido stated, “We all want to live. A man is a good retainer to the extent that he earnestly places importance in his master” (“Tsuentomo Yamamota, The Bushido,” Envisioning World Civilizations, 319). This quotation states that a good warrior must be willing to give up his life in battle for his master, and one was a coward if one did not perish. Since a samurai must have courage to die with honor, there was no shame in killing oneself to conserve an honorable spirit. The main reason why samurais were so successful in battle is because their spirit endowed them the strength to fight with a meaningful purpose. It goes without saying that to honor others, one must first honor himself.
Through Fritigern’s strategies, Alexander’s persuasion, and the samurai’s honorable spirit, these ancient warriors constructed the qualities for other ancient leaders to be successful in battle or any difficult situation. Combining all of these qualities and other characteristics portray what people believed how an ancient warrior should be displayed in ancient history. Even in this current time period, these qualities carry over to generals, soldiers, and rulers, so they may follow in the footsteps of the mighty warriors before

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