The Importance Of Test Scores In Education

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School is a place for learning where every student should be given equal opportunity to accomplish their academic goals and succeed later in life. Without external pressures and test scores there would be more funding for schools, students would enjoy learning more, and spend more time on learning at student 's pace and their individual needs. Students feel that, they should succeed on standardized tests to succeed in the future at school, but this is a major misconception. Recently numerous colleges are focusing less on SAT and ACT scores and more on teacher recommendation. Across the world, students come and go to and from school, memorizing information, and later using it on tests. However, the American schools consistently find themselves …show more content…
If external pressures were removed, we won’t have problems in low-income families, like bullying, anxiety, learning disabilities, language barriers, and other issues that may prevent students from getting better education. With the removal of tests and external pressures, students will be able to focus on their interests and what they plan to do in the future. This also allows teachers to assist all students who may be struggling on certain materials, as they will be able to have more personalized learning experience. Teachers can teach real-life problems which required all students to think deeply about the concept. Per Delpit “there is no achievement gap at birth” (Delpit, 2012, pp. 5) because all students are capable to …show more content…
We can use all our resources to create projects that would benefit all students and their unique styles of learning. Students would have more time for extracurricular activities, that will make them more well-rounded citizens. Without standardized tests, we can cater more towards individual students’ needs. Teaches can use the dynamic-learning framework to help all students to work with challenging activities in which they will learn as much as possible (Johnston 2012, pg. 23).
Another way to improve education is to reduced class size. This would help to contribute to learning because teachers could specialize the way that they are teaching to fit the specific students, and get to know students as well as their struggles and strengths. This would further allow the teacher to be flexible and can tweak the curriculum, so that unnecessary time is not spent on what students already know, then time is well spent on what they do not

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