The Importance Of Teenage Technology On Children

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It used to be all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, but in today’s society, kids as young as Kindergarten are asking for cell phones, I pads, Xboxes, ECT. So many parents are fulfilling those wishes and especially during the teenage years. These electronic devices have served as a type of baby sitter for many parents. However, keeping track of the things your children have access to is more difficult as a parent than the video games are for the kids. With all the single parents trying to work more than one job to make ends meet, a young child who may be at home alone for a short time is more than likely provided with a cell phone as means for the parent to contact them when needed. There are kids going every different direction with sports and other extra -curricular activities. Parents are providing their kids with a cellular device in order to better keep track of where their children are and what time they will be returning. A young …show more content…
With all the live video games and all the social media applications, child predators have an unlimited amount of access. They can create profile to be whoever they want to be and whatever age they choose, in order to lure and entice their victims. The younger children are so addicted and wrapped up in the video games that they lose sight of the real world and what is going on around them which makes them very vulnerable. Predators are even creating games to lure kids into traps. One example is a scavenger hunt type game where the kids follow clues to find other clues. When they reach the destination and locate the next clue, they scan the target with their device and a new set of instructions takes them to the next clue. In the end the final destination is an abandoned warehouse or structure in which the child sexual predator is waiting on the unknowing vulnerable child. It doesn’t take an expert to know the end result of this type of

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