The Importance Of Technology Reshaped Education

Technology has reshaped education. The generation known as the ‘digital natives’ has be apart of the change in our system of education. The ‘digital natives’ are the generation that has grown up with and interacted with sophisticated technology. The role that teachers has in the learning process, how students are evaluated and how the students are taught has been modified to suit future generations growing up in a digital age. With information technology becoming the most highly paid and with the highest employment rate it is now necessity to be computer literate in this age. Growing up with a medium that allows instant access to knowledge, communication and entertainment has changed the purpose of education for this generation as school is no longer the source of information. Educational institutes are now used to guide …show more content…
Doctors to landscapers are using technology to complete their jobs. From job advertising done on trademe in 2014 and published on a government affiliated website we can see 6 of 15 of the highest paying jobs were in information technology. This shows how highly important it is in the job market to be computer literate. What we can insinuate from this is that technology will become a greater part of education to match the growing importance of information technology in the job market. We now need to adapt to meet the demand of a man made infrastructure. With what has been discussed in mind it introduces the question of how future generation will adapt or even evolve to meet these advances in the technology. In turn we are asked how education will change to meet the demands. Perhaps a three dimensional educational institutes may become irrelevant and teaching done primarily online. This can be compared to social media as an increasing amount of our social lives are being lead through social

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