Technology Replace Memory

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Memory is an extremely important element in shaping our intellect. Technology should not be relied upon to replace memory. At any point, technology can crash, or information can be inaccurate, so it should not be depended on to give answers and information. Memorization and research are better means to building our intellect. Technology can sometimes be a distraction from communication, learning and gaining intellect. Many would rather use technology to store the information we need in place of using our minds, but the use of excessive technology can be disastrous. When was the last time you memorized somebody’s phone number? Do you remember multiple birthdays? Most would say they only remember about three or four birthdays besides their …show more content…
The more we practice remembering, the more we will retain. If technology were to ever crash, then some would come to a stand still. I believe the use of technology on a limited basis is acceptable, but to rely on it the way many do can negatively effect lives. Mostly, the younger generation is more reliant than the past generations. Since technology has become more advanced, we tend to use it more and more. The ability to remember something is extremely important and enhances intelligence. Improved memory depends on increased practice. Technology is impairing our memories. It is a proven fact that it has impacted our daily lives. “When facts and experiences enter our long term memory, we are able to weave them into the complex ideas that give richness to our thought.” (Nicholas Carr) When we remember things for a long period of time it deepens and trains our brain to remember even more. Specifically, technology effects the short-term memory more. It has been proven that taking photographs with our smart phones will hinder our ability to remember what we are capturing on camera. A great abundance and too much of information can cause it to be more difficult to retain. Just one time looking at the internet or using technology throughout the day will make it more difficult to put away information in your brain. Overloading your brain can have a negative impact on thinking. It is also said that distraction makes it harder to form memories. Being on your phones, computers, or whatever the technology may be can damage how your brain works. Technology use, especially our smart phones is becoming a habit that is out of control. Most, especially the younger generation, check their phones numerous times throughout the day. Whether for the time, phone, texts, music, emails, social media, camera or internet, we are on our phones for a good amount of the day. Studies have

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