The Importance Of Technology On Media And Digital Technology

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In today’s world of teaching one of the greatest challenges that most teachers face is engaging and motivating their students to learn about a variety of topics that oftentimes may not be very appealing to them. The same lifeless textbooks, filled with countless words and a couple of boring diagrams, are simply not enough to spark and peak the interests of the minds of a generation of youth who live and thrive on media and digital technology. Boles (2011) asserts that there is a vast difference between instruction that solely relies upon a classroom textbook and instruction where technology is integrated into the learning experience. The online experience differs significantly from the textbook due to the possibilities it unlocks in the viewing of multiple presentations of a particular topic, where as a textbook is more limited. Additionally, she expands on her previous comment by stating:
Because so much of students ' time is spent alone on a computer or video game, it is important for us to create opportunities for social interaction within the learning environment. Instead of asking students to write reports after investigations, I have them use
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Firstly, digital access is an important component, allowing my students to join the multitudes in society who are engaged electronically and preparing them to live and thrive in a technological world. Secondly, digital communication is vital because so many students have built their lives around cell phones, texting, and social media. It is important to make the classroom relevant to my students’ lives. Thirdly, digital literacy is valuable because computers and other electronic devices play a major role in people’s personal lives and at their jobs as well. Fourthly, digital etiquette is important because there are proper ways of doing things and students need to be taught how to behave responsibly when it comes to

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