The Importance Of Technology Literacy In Writing

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As you review the final product of my writing assignments, I hope that you will notice the growth and effort that I have committed myself to the process. After 10 weeks in the University Writing Program 001Y, which essentially is a lower division writing course, I will admit that I do regret not having taken this class earlier in my studies (I am currently a third-year student). I have gain many valuable skills such as learning the importance of mapping my thoughts, creating a structured outline, appreciating the revision techniques, and acquiring new perspectives on writing that I aim to utilize in both academic and creative writings in the future. Prior to the course, I simply define “good writing” as one that has a distinct objective. I believed that if the work correlates to the initial prompt, it is deemed as sufficient. However, I often found myself dreading writing assignments as it has always been a challenging subject for me. My earlier assignments generally lacked structure as I approach the task by writing out my ideas without planning a precise outline that I do now. Without this pivotal foundation, my thoughts were disorganized and often …show more content…
In the narrative, I discuss the importance of technology literacy through storytelling of my personal experiences in order for you to get a better understanding of how my experiences came together. With the informal genre, I was able to express my narrative in a much more intimate tone through my own choice of language. With this flexibility, I could express the narrative in the most vivid way as possible, with reminiscence such as “one year later, I was told that I would be moving to join my father in the United States. Without a doubt, I could not wait to be with my father, but the anticipation of moving to an unknown place filled me,” in hopes of painting a little picture of my

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