The Importance Of Technology Integration In Education

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Defining Excellence as an academic situation where all learners come up with outcomes that help them reach a high level of achievement, it would be great to see how integrating technology into teaching World Languages may be a tool for producing students who are mostly high achievers. Given the fact that most of our students are, nowadays, what we can call, digital learners, technology usage or integrating technology into classroom activities makes our teaching life much more easier when it comes to work on preparing lesson plans, conducting classroom activities, delivering instruction, or even working on reflecting a teaching process. The good news is teachers can avoid long
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For instance, while working on specific ongoing assessments such as cultural projects, projects-based learning, students may use iPods, iPads and even smartphones to work on a video assignment. The purpose may be having them learn how to use iPods, iPads or smartphones and make a French video that is related to what they have been taught in terms of cultural facts, vocabulary acquisition, grammar skills, and conjugation charts, etc. By doing so, students may absolutely better master the important parts of a video and spend their time getting a chance to use high tech tools such as iPods, iPads and even smartphones for short or extended video clips that help them become more confortable and more confident when asked to improve their speaking skills using a World Language such as French, Spanish, etc. Furthermore, scholars may discuss and create their videos by working on a skit and performing a World Language conversation that is related to the target language. It is, for them and for teachers, a great and highly relevant learning time because they will make sure they become active learners who care about improving their oral skills and their drama techniques related to what they have been taught for meeting the step of …show more content…
It is about meeting students’ needs because more we, as educators, have various learners, more we are to set up teaching activities that will fit different learning styles. For that matter, using YouTube videos makes tremendous effects if done with a smart academic dosage. While watching these YouTube videos (from YouTube Teacher Channel or any other academic online resource), students seem more enthusiastic and more involved in the learning/teaching process. In fact, they are very successful on finding out the meaning of words, specific grammar patterns, French or Spanish accent with a native or near native speaker, etc. By creating this bridge between students’ environment and learning process, educators – as World Languages Teachers - realize the classroom atmosphere becomes more stabilized, the learning more conducive and the achievements highly advanced or proficient either for gifted students or for these students considered learning with disabilities. Subsequently, students, even parents (who may inquire about their children education), may better know the necessary connection between teaching/learning and integrating

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