Harry S. Truman's Decisions During World War II

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In general, the advances of technology did swing decisions in pivotal battles, but did not fundamentally effect the outcome of world war II. When these advances occurred they usually were not implemented immediately into the war theater These victories with the use of technologies often happened with experienced utilization by leaders who had weighing factors on their side such as the ability to reproduce, have personnel to make use of and to take advantage of opportunities with the technology. Some examples include the invention of the tank in the first world war and its use in the second, the tank was used as an infantry support tool. Until a development in tactics termed blitzkrieg, which is designed to create disorganization among enemy …show more content…
Truman the decision of using the new technology, the new offensive push, the atomic bomb. What did Truman have on the scales? He had a new powerful technology but he was not the only one. The Germans had already used atomic weaponry in Europe with the V2 ballistic missile technology, who else will get hold of it – the Russians – who were already annexing former German territories and were also feared because of Stalin and his dictatorship. War with Germany was over and Japan was close to breaking but Japan would not yield and had already proven themselves as fierce combatants by using kamikaze (destructive self-suicide) tactics and fighting tooth and nail against the American push in the home islands of Japan. There is also Truman’s obligation to his people, they were tired of a war; a war they were hesitant to be involved in. He needed to save as many American lives as possible, the atomic bomb would bring the war with Japan to a stop. Truman of course gave the order to bomb both the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and one can ask why? The US could have continued to fire bomb Japan with the risk of prolonging a war that was practically done, it could have demonstrated the power of the atomic bomb away from civilization with the risk that Japan would still not surrender or that the US would appear inept if the demonstration did not work. I believe Truman tried to follow the policies already established by Roosevelt to bring the conflict to end with unconditional surrender by the enemy and bring Americans back home. He was correct for his time, critics have all the time in the world to judge. I propose this, what if America did not use the bomb? Would America seem like a weak nation having power and not having the fortitude to use it or would Truman hide the technology as long as possible until it was needed. There is also the chance that the Soviets would have used the bomb first but on who? The cold war that sprung

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