The Importance Of Technology In Teacher Education

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Introduction “Technology integration training is a fundamental factor in teachers’ positive attitudes toward technology integration in their teaching and the desire to use technology in their classroom” (Vu & Fadde, 2014, p.141). Teachers are entrusted with preparing students for their future, a future that evolves more and more around technology. So the question is, are teachers equipped to do so? Do teachers have the training and resources needed to effectively prepare students in the digital age? At the moment, teachers are not ready and need to be better prepared. Preparation needs to begin before teachers are in the classroom. Once teachers have developed a teaching style, it is much more difficult to adapt to a technology driven …show more content…
“Training that simply emphasized teaching basic computer skills was unlikely to result in the successful integration of technology in the curriculum (Vu & Fadde, 2014, p. 142)”. Teacher education has to be reformed so that teachers can use technology in a way that truly has an effect on classroom learning. Technology shouldn’t just be a vessel for content delivery but a tool that works to further learning whether it’s in or beyond the classroom. Teacher educators do not often incorporate technology into their own teaching. “While professors are growing more comfortable using technology in their research and professional development, they are not as comfortable including technology in their teaching practices (Vu & Fadde, 2014)”. Education programs should try to motivate the faculty by offering some type of incentive or recognizing those that innovate in this …show more content…
Learning how to use technology has to become a part of every class goal: educators should challenge students to explore, be resourceful, and be trouble-shooters when it comes to new media. Change is normal; students should not get frustrated when technology changes. Educators can show how easy it is to find alternatives to old technology. Learning how to use new media isn’t always easy and students should not be afraid to try and better yet, be encouraged to try again. Educators should encourage students to remain current with new technologies througout their teaching

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