Argumentative Essay On The Government Power

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For countless years, we have seen examples of the United States Government having massive power. For instance, government being able to control what we hear and detect on the news. For example, the news about Edward Snowden and how he caught the NSA for surveillancing U.S citizens was biased. There was only opinions against him and the news never went in depth with the topic. This may cause citizens to question whether the government is reliable or not in behave that we entrust them to construct laws and constructing policies that are faithful and somewhat becoming beneficial to us. Another example is how the Government is torturing terrorists. There has been numerous criticism by the reason of that terrorists should not be tortured and the Government decides to resolve the issue by using drones to obliterate its enemies. As a result of these events, the United States Government has been put …show more content…
Honestly, we are able to have a say to it. Apple should give into the FBI and should not to the government’s orders to break into their own devices. Apple is representing us as citizens, so they should help the citizens and decline assisting the FBI. Apple as a business should guarantee the safety and privacy of users information because it is confidential and should not be released without users’ permission. The government wielding too much power in that way would make way for a lot of potential abuse cases, especially when it comes down to accusing someone of being a terrorist and having their private information released just to see whether or not it is true. In a country that has a fear of terrorists, it is easy to point fingers at someone and claim they might be a terrorist, and if the government had the power to investigate this at a personal level, it would leave citizens with fewer rights than ever

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