How Does Technology Impact The World

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Four years ago my mother paid five dollars for every seven minutes she wanted to talk on the phone with her parents who live on the island of Tonga. Today, she can talk to her parents for as long as she wants without paying anything, so as long as she is connected to WiFi. My mother is able to stay connected with her loved ones because of the innovative advancements in technology. That is just one of many aspects of technology that impacts and benefits the world. Without technology, there would be a plethora of things that people would miss out on in terms of the way they learn, communicate, and access information. The constant changes in technology, especially the iPhone, have equipped me with valuable tools that have ultimately helped me go about life in a much more productive and efficient way.
The iPhone is a device that has improved my chances of academic success as a student athlete in high school and now college. The iPhone’s five by three inch size and six ounce weight makes it very convenient for me to literally learn anytime and anywhere. Every day at 5:30 AM I would use a software application called Notability to type, voice record, or physically write poems or class notes while riding the train to school. Another
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Every day that I live is a gift, and with that gift there is a new challenge, task, and goal to tackle. I don’t know about you, but I want to maximize the moment for the short amount of time I am here. Technology helps me progress and build up to success; it’s a way to complete everything I have to do and end up with optimal results. I’m not looking for everything to be perfect; I’m looking for progression. The rest of the world is too, and if it weren’t then students probably would still be using chalk and a slate instead of a Macbook Air to take notes in class. Our world is constantly changing, and technology is what helps us develop in a beneficial

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