Biggest Barriers To Business Analytic Adoption: Business Analysis

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In today’s world the health care profession is changing; therefore, technology is changing with this many Healthcare organizations have to change along with this. There’s a lot of challenge and pressure to reduce costs, improve coordination and outcomes. Meanwhile, building analytics competency will help these organizations set for the future of improvement and reduce time. A few concerns that need to be taken into effect are healthcare providers like: primary care physicians and nursing shortages which staff is overworked and having to be more productive and efficient. According, to article the value of analytics in healthcare there was a study performed 90% will have a high complexity; meanwhile, 40% are unprepared to deal with it. Health care …show more content…
The goal is for this to make sense because there’s a large amount of data information within the servers. Many organizations feel they need to always be a step ahead of competition when the focus is analytics. This is talked about in article Biggest Barriers to Business Analytic Adoption: People. The focus is not the up to date technology but the older population; many are not ready for this change in culture resistance. This article focused on four concerns: (1) lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business, (2) lack of bandwidth due to competing priorities, (3) lack of skill set and last culture does not encourage sharing information. Many feel the data has to be correct in order for this to work; I guess this is why correct data was at the bottom of the barriers list. If these obstacles are so important, how does one know this will make a difference if an organization uses analytics? I have a question if other organizations are not willing to sharing information, how are people to learn? So if maybe organizations will have to turn to visualization and other technology to educate the

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