The Importance Of Technology In Education

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Register to read the introduction… Of course the district will do everything they can to block unwanted material from reaching the pupils; however it is important for teachers to develop a firm set of classroom rules, restrictions, and consequences concerning the student’s privilege to have access to these tools that should be created by the instructor, aides, and students in each class. These rules will be written out in big bold letters on poster board and signed by everyone in the class and then displayed prominently throughout the year. As well, the teacher will remind the class of these rules every time they use these tools and strictly enforce the consequences agreed to by all students in the class. This is will not be the only steps taken at protecting the safety and security of the children. Teachers, aides, and all faculty will be vigilant in monitoring what sites the students are accessing and what they are writing and sending while online. The employees of this school district will be checking to make sure that students are not providing any personal information about themselves out to any website other than a login name and that they are using this technology for the purposes of cyber bullying. By utilizing the technologies afforded the classrooms and homes of today …show more content…
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