Media Experience Research Paper

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Technology and media is not new to our world. As we were assigned to document our media experience for seven days, I realized how media plays an important role to my daily life. During day 1 the first thing I did when I woke up was to grab my phone and check my social media. I would probably spend about less than 30 minutes catching up on updates I missed while I was asleep. After, I decided to eat breakfast. Usually I would eat breakfast with someone, but since I woke up not so early I ate alone. While eating breakfast, my media encounter would still continue. Since I was alone eating I decided to watch some YouTube videos to keep me entertained. The next media experience was when I had to find a ride going to my destination. The most convenient …show more content…
We take part in media activities even when we are not aware that we are. Even if new media is a more convenient type of medium, I still use print media, radio and much more. Every time I ride the car radio is a source of entertainment for me. I am specific with the radio station I listen to and it is a big part of my day to listen to music. In addition, there application created to make it convenient for a person to be able to bring it anywhere. An example is the Bible application I use. I tend to forget to read a Bible verse when I use a physical Bible, but every time I see my Bible verse app I would instantly read a short verse. Just like the Bible app, books have their own version. I download pdf files of books and transfer it to iBooks. This is so convenient to us students since we could save money from …show more content…
It has helped people’s relationship better by innovating new ways to make the world be linked all together. Since I documented my media experience, I saw that media is a way of making people share their thoughts and opinions. With social media it is very evident that people get to share their opinions with different matters. Also social media is a mechanism to disseminate information. With Facebook I was able to receive so much information in one sitting. Information that is relevant to me or relevant for future use. In my documentation, social media have helped me be more acquainted of our senatorial candidates. It also helped me be more updated about class discussion and announcements. One of the things I noticed is that advertisements play a big role in media. I saw a lot of paid advertisements online for brands and even political candidates. Media also made me discover new music. Spotify made my music choices updated. With this application it made it easier for people to listen to top charts and even select what music they want to

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