Technology Affecting Communication Skills

Introduction Technology advances, but hinders healthy lifestyles. Technology can be one of the best things invented in our world today. Aristotle concludes that technology came from the Greek term ‘technologia’. . Technology produces transportations like cars, planes, busses and ships which replace the activity of the body to exercise but minimize their time in traveling. Technology also produces gadgets such as smart phones, televisions, computers which replace newspapers and interacting to other people. Technology is created for the advancement of the modern world and to lessen the work of the people, but in contrast it hinders many lifestyles of the people. Hindering means creating difficulties, it prevents or to interfere. Hindering is a way of putting difficulty …show more content…
It is one thing that people must improve in able to interact to others. It is one way of transferring thoughts to others verbally or nonverbally. Nowadays, there are many ways on how to communicate to other people. One way is the use of the technology where people can just texts, email, chat, or call the person they want to interact with.
Verbal communication refers to the use of sounds and language to relay a message. It serves as a vehicle for expressing desires, ideas and concepts and is vital to the processes of learning and teaching. In combination with nonverbal forms of communication, verbal communication acts as the primary tool for expression between two or more people. It may refer of any form of communication that uses symbols or voice. It uses sounds to relay a specific message. It serves as transportation for delivering thoughts, ideas, desires, and feelings to others. The purpose of verbal communication is to relay a message to others. It includes anything from simple sounds to complex discussions. It is used to inform, inquire, and discuss topics through sounds or symbols. (Hanes,

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