The Importance Of Technical Theater

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I will be better, I will grow, I will learn Four years ago, I fell in love with technical theater. I stage managed, designed lighting, ran an audio board, organized backstage, created props, and moved set pieces. When I was younger I acted in school plays and community productions but they stressed me out beyond belief. Stage managing stressed me out but I absolutely loved it. It was a different kind of stress. It was a physical and emotional pressure that felt more like a challenge or a dare. I felt more rewarded when I was running a show and calling cues, or designing the lighting, than I ever had when I acted. Long story short, Tech stole my heart. So, on the first day of class I was very uncomfortable. For more reasons than the fact that it was an acting class. It was my first class as a college student and it was in a strange building that looks nothing like a theater. My first journal entry reads, “This was my first class as a college student so I didn’t know what I was walking into. Yesterday, I spent the entire day in Rarig just exploring… I spent all of Tuesday in my element, loading in a show. Then cut to today where I sat in a room I felt I had no business in. I will remember that moment forever …show more content…
The only change from last time being that when Kym said “think about what you want your goal to be today.” I thought, “I will be better, I will grow, I will learn.” I think that was the best thing I ever did in any class ever. That was also the day that Kym made us play with the idea that we were the elements running from air to stone. I said in my journal, “The yoga in combination with the movement helped me work on full body awareness which I’ve never really had before. Kym also played excellent music to go with it. I want that mix simply because I love the songs that she played when we simulated Air and Water.” (I later found them and have them saved on a

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