Teamwork Dilemma Paper

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Barbara, as I have looked and pondered the concerns and emails given to me, I have come up with some key facts that will solve your problem. Prior to beginning I would like to address that what you are facing is not just an “accountant” problem but also a teamwork problem. What I mean by that is, you cant expect your company to progress or succeed when half of your workers are scared of working with their coworkers and the other half don’t care about their fellow team members in order to help out. It’s very easy to point fingers and state the issue is poor training but the true root of the problem is lack of team workmanship. Stating this I have come up with 4 recommendations on how to fix these issues, all which are ideas that have come from …show more content…
Relationships – Partners and New employees should have a very close-knit relationship. They need to work together not separate, you want your employees to be able to talk to the high level workers and look at them as mentors. Not be sacred or frighten to ask for help when needed. Therefore I suggest having a partner and employee partnered together and have a day where they get taken out to lunch to discuss the business and assure them to confide and ask for help with that said partner. Allowing them to have a more connected relationship, building teamwork and eliminating a cast system that might have occurred before with the …show more content…
Retreat- There is poor communication skills throughout the company, Human Resources does not get information across to partners correctly and partners do not get points across to human resources. Decisions are made with no explanation on why it as been decided or there is no vote on whether It should go through. Employees seem to not like other VPs or the decisions they made. As well as some groups do not understand the level of time jobs are needed to have. I was caught up on some partners partaking in inappropriate behavior in the workforce, and yet nothing has been done about it. What this company needs is some good old company retreat. In this said retreat the company will enjoy bonding activities and new training reminding them of the values and ethics the company upholds. The point of this retreat is to have each employee be able to voice their concerns (in a safe environment) and have their peers voice in a resolution. To mention you give them a new training on the company just to keep it fresh on their minds.
I understand I have given you a very lengthy email but I am very determined to have these issues solved. I believe these four recommendations can help make the company progress and build a greater workforce. As Roger Cramer stated “We certainly do not want to be known for poor quality and poor client service” Fisher, Merrill, and Perkin deserves to have a good morals backing it up with even better employees practicing them. I hope these steps have helped you,

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