Team Based Organizations And Motivation Paper

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Thinking about team based organizations brings to mind a group of people working together to accomplish something. There is a collaborative effort among team members to achieve particular goals. They are hands on together, share decision making, opinions, and ideas. So, then the question arises does a leader have a place in team based organizations? This paper will discuss team based organizations and the leader’s role. The leader’s motivation through recognition and recommendations for leading a team to achieve long-term business outcomes.
Team Based Organizations
Team-based organizations are known to involve collective employee efforts to accomplish objectives, task, and goals. Management activities are appointed to employees
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There is the traditional behavior, then there is the behavior centered on the group. In the traditional behavior, a leader neglects the interpersonal relationships and feelings of the team, while they are heavily focused on tasks (Miricescu, 2015). This type of leader exerts his/her power to control, train and direct to be sure things get done. They will still hear, consider and be open to other opinions, but won’t give up the right to make any final decisions. On the other hand, we have the approach that’s centered on the group. This behavior focuses on the group as a whole, responsible for their actions. The leader sees the group as a social structure, and takes to role of an advisor or consultant rather than a director (Miricescu, …show more content…
For example, a leader receives a written letter and oral appreciation for a team member who offered incredible service to a client. Not only does the team member receive oral praise for her great customer service but she is also presented with the letter, to remind her of a job well done but to also affirm good customer service. This is a good example of when recognition is connected to corporate values as well as personal goals, its motivational effect can be maximized (DuBrin,

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