Classroom Objectification Report

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Teaching young students is a responsibility that is of paramount importance. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly and heed with reverence. I recognize that I walk into every situation with preconceived notions based on my background and that everyone else does the same thing. By demonstrating acceptance, respect, and a continuing education of other peoples’ backgrounds and lives, I hope my students will model their attitudes after my own.
I believe that each student who walks into my classroom is a unique individual coming from a unique situation and background. I believe that their experience will differ from other students’ experiences based on their home life and personal beliefs and traits. Each student needs to be met exactly
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Each student is valuable and I will ensure that each student feels valued by the way I manage my classroom and communicate with them. I believe that people learn by doing something overtime and with a more experienced other. My classroom will be based around inquiry-based learning; when presented with a question that matters students will start exploring it together and creating meaningful conversation and discussion. By working in cooperative groups, students will learn how to perpetuate a supportive environment by learning how to have respectful discussion and debates in their groups. With teacher support, they will learn from each other through peer-mentoring. This model will encourage students to recognize the diversity in their classmates and how they all come from different backgrounds with varying sets of beliefs and values. They will also come to recognize that each student has something to offer and that they should be respected regardless of their differences and because of their differences. My wrestling with important questions together, they will be able to gain a broader view of the world and increase their sensitivity to people who are different from them. Feinberg (2007) explains how many people believe that all that is required to foster mutual understanding is to bring children from different backgrounds together. Each child stands in a different …show more content…
Schools are incredibly diverse and teachers and administers have to be mindful of how they teach all students. Alston states, “You do not look at them in terms of deficits…You enter their world in order to aid them and you to build bridges between two worlds, not walls” (Alston,2004, p. 82). I will educate myself on the different ethnicities, cultures, and learning styles of the students who enter my classroom so that the students have an easier transition from the home to the classroom. I believe it is imperative to incorporate different cultures into the classroom. The unique realities of minority children are not deficits and need to be valued and celebrated in the classroom. I will be a continual student to the lives of my

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