Teaching Real Life Skills: Miniscule To Non Existent

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Schools Teaching Real Life Skills: Miniscule to Non Existent “Mom, what the heck does balancing a checkbook mean?” For decades it seems that schools have been turning loose their newly graduated students into the real world without actually knowing little to no real world skills. While math and science is still important, home economics is becoming a class taught less and less every year. Schools are either lacking the funds to keep it around or they think it is unimportant.What are they thinking? Cooking and cleaning is not always something taught by parents. Schools are learning institutes, and as demonstrated by me, they need to teach students some real life skills. As time goes on schools are dropping more subjects that could be crucial …show more content…
Also, most adults do not know how to budget their own money because it is not taught in school. Schools will teach children at a young age how to count money, but not how to budget. Budgeting is one of the most important skills to have as an adult or even as a child. If a family can afford to give their children an allowance, it should teach them how to deal with money at a young age (Williams). Children’s brains are like sponges, they absorb information much better than they will at an older age. Saying that, teaching children how to budget in their first few years will make them professionals by time they are the age of 20. If they are professionals by the age of 20, then they will struggle less in the years ahead of them. The children will know how to keep money for the important things, and also will be able to set aside some money for the things they want rather than need. It is also important to teach children how to manage a bank account. Managing a bank account today is as simple as pie. Children can simply pull up an app on their phone and be set to go. But before all of that, schools need to teach children the basic principles of what a bank account is. The basic principles meaning what interest is, …show more content…
Schools need to teach their students how to handle emergencies (Williams). Everyone should know what to do when their car battery dies, or what to do when they have a flat tire. Teachers may expect their students to already know what to do, yet only a select few may know what to do. It needs to be taught nevertheless. Something else that many people struggle with is having good people skills, while it is true that some parents will hold their children back one year in their kindergarten years to strengthen their people skills, it does not always help. Also schools and parents need to discuss what to expect during their first job interview. It is never good for them to walk into something and have no clue what to expect or what to wear. Some basic skills of a job interview that should be taught is always to keep eye contact and to remain calm and collected. Typically communication classes are only taught in college, where it is still important, but if taught in the first years of highschool students will

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