The Importance Of Autism In Education

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All students are unique and have various strengths, weakness, and interests. Autism is one of the many disabilities that affect students learning. Teaching careers, the biggest achievement, we can make is to succeed in creating a supportive environment which nurtures. Focusing on teaching practices that help meet the needs of that child and help create a better learning environment. It is very important for teachers who are teaching with students with Autism to always keep their language simple and concrete because teachers who use few words as possible can be able to get their point across. Just to make sure the children understand what the teacher said it would help if the teacher asked the student what they just asked.
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Students should know that teachers accept them for who they are and believe in them. The goal is for children to be happy and to function independently to their potential. I was able to understand and learn more about children with autism. For example, teaching children with autism is a visual learner, they prefer consistent, predictable and organized routines, and they understand and process their environment in a unique way. Teachers need to understand that children with autism have a hard time processing auditory information and in order for them to understand they need to teach or show the children. Of course it’s sometimes hard for children with autism to learn by watching or hearing others but it’s about teaching them and understanding they process information differently. For example, being able to remember their home address and age. Some children may be able to do this while others may not. Autistic children prefer a consistent routine so teaching children with autism by keeping it the same from the beginning but when things change showing or teaching them what is accepted. For example, I was subbing my first ABA classroom there was six students and each student had a one to one aide. All the children have different classifications on their leaning abilities. Although one boy was autistic and when it was time for all the children to go about their daily routine. He would go to the table and begin to shout out words, twitch, and not able to sit still in his chair. I tried talking to him but because I was new and he did not know me all he wanted to do was stay away from me. I monitored him from a distance with his aide and realized he needed her guidance to complete a math worksheet. If he was able to complete all the first line of problems he was able to play on the iPad. The boy took a lot of pictures in the iPad and

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