Essay on The Importance Of Teaching And Learning Process

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As an early childhood educator, I believe in the power of assessment because it is an integral aspect of teaching and learning. Assessing students support in helping them to become successful learners. I can relate to this statement because teachers can distinguish what students understand and what they do not know through observation and assessment data. Assessment is conducted in the classroom so that teachers can gather meaningful information about students as they engage in different learning experiences. It is done through different means such as collecting work samples, recording observations, using a checklist, rubrics, worksheets and so much more.
Assessment data is important in the aspect of teaching and learning process because it is crucial for supporting student’s growth and development. I believe that without it instruction is incomplete and inaccurate since it provides information about the levels of understanding that students are reaching. It also allows a teacher to notice children’s strength and weakness. Assessment data also informs teaching and learning process because it shows how effective or ineffective an instructional delivery is at supporting the student’s teaching in the classroom. A teacher is also able to reflect on data to plan activities daily in the student’s growth and development.
I believe in assessment data because I know that it reflects how I teach the students in my classroom. It also helps me to understand student’s academic…

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