Middle School Education

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There are a lot of factors that play into understanding teaching and learning at the middle school level. Having a vast knowledge about middle school philosophy, development of adolescents, role of family and community, and role of the educator are important factors in understanding middle school education. Knowing not only these factors but also how they impact students is crucial for effective learning to take place at the middle school level.

When examining the middle school philosophy and history, we can learn where middle schools started and how they have evolved. We can also see how class and schedules are organized and how plans are developed for learning in middle schools. Middle schools today place major emphasis on
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As young adolescents become more independent, they still need adult guidance and boundaries. Understanding their ethnic identity is becoming more important to young adolescents as they develop a sense of self. They begin to focus and become passionate about a specific hobby or interest which helps build self-esteem. As students become more aware of their self-identity, some of them become self-conscious and sensitive to criticism. Body image becomes more important and comparisons start to take focus during this age. This causes some students to become self-conscious and sensitive to criticism. Young adolescents need recognition for positive achievements to help boost their confidence. At this stage in life students are fully aware of the differences between themselves and others and regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status generally have a positive view of the …show more content…
Research shows that students are positively affected when parents are involved in their academics. In my classroom, I plan to involve parents as much as I can. My goal is to bring in parents to show them what we are learning through each section of the semester. When learning about flipped classrooms, I really liked the idea of sending lessons home that parents can watch too. This will allow the parents to understand the content. They can then help with homework and engage more with their children about what they are learning. I also want to implement a community service project in my classroom. I think by giving back to the community, the students are gaining more than giving. I am helping them develop real-world leadership skills while making a difference in their own community.

As I begin to think about my career as a middle school educator I am developing my own philosophy of education. I understand the diverse differences of young adolescents and will apply that knowledge to my classroom and planning. When I look to the future, I hope to continue my education by getting my masters in guidance and earn my Honors certificate during my first 2-3 years of teaching. In the longer span of time, I would love to become the Teacher of the Year. I hope to do that within the first 5-6 years of teaching to prove that I even though I am new to teaching, I am ready to make a

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