Persuasive Speech On Teachers Lives Matter

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Teaching is more difficult than you can imagine. I have come up with an idea to help out these hardworking, dedicated, and devoted teachers. This idea is called Teachers Lives Matter. This idea came from watching teachers over the past couple of years and seeing how stressful it can really be. This idea is going to give all the teachers free lunch for the whole school year. TLM would benefit teachers in many different ways. It would show the teachers that they actually matter to the students. Which will give them a sense of confidence. It will also benefit them financially. And lastly it will strengthen the relationship between the teachers and students.
To kick off this idea the students would have to talk to the superintendent. They would have to talk with him about all the details of the idea just to make sure that he is okay with it. Once the students have the superintendent on board, the superintendent would have to go to the school board and convince them that it would benefit the schools. Once this happens the teachers are going to hear what 's going on and realize that the students actually care. Once the teachers realize what the students are trying do it will definitely change the way that teachers look at students. Some teachers see
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It just take a little bit of hard work and a want too. The main reason why i choose to do this project was because i seen how stressful teaching hundreds of students in a day can be. As a student it concerns me because there has been times where students feel like they are not getting the teaching they need and it 's because of the workload of a teacher is so stressful. TLM will definitely help with the stresses of being a teacher. The teachers won 't have to worry about where they are going to have to drive to a purchase food. Or they won 't have to worry about will they have enough money to eat dinner at home. Overall TLM is a huge game changer for

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