Fault In Education System

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One out of every five students drops out of high school throughout the nation. There was a time where this nation had some of the most intelligent students worldwide but over the years there has been a gradual decrease in actual knowledge. What is the cause of this somewhat absurd statistic and who is to blame? Have the teachers relied too heavily on the banking-system and oppressed the creative and critical thinking aspect of schooling, or are students at fault for their economic status and not putting in the necessary effort. Who is at fault in the education system?
At first glance the blame starts to lean towards the student. “Experts agree that a large part of the dropout problem can be traced to social, economic and cultural factors that
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School districts that failed to meet improvement targets could face sanctions, such as state intervention or the closing of individual schools” (Kiener). This quote is related closely to the last one but has one major difference: the school-board is not to blame. In this scenario the board is stepping up and condemning the teachers that have been programmed into the banking-system. Those who have fallen into this pattern of just “vomiting” knowledge onto their students are soon going to receive backlash. Teachers must remove the ways of the banking-system and actually motivate the students. A vivid example of this is actual students who have dropped out who have been recorded as stated, “The New York State Department of Education points to research that shows students want to be more challenged in school, saying that seven out of 10 students who dropped out said they were not motivated or inspired to work hard in high school” (Benton). The board is raising their standard of creative thinking and if the teacher doesn’t actually teach the students to understand and be able to communicate these ideas, there will be serious …show more content…
There are significant details that prove that the banking system has been around for ages and it depicts just how unsuccessful it proved to be. As one can see, only the few pupils sitting in the front row seem to be paying attention. All the other students throughout the class are either talking with one another or sleeping. This shows how the teacher is at fault for using the banking-system and talking down, literally, to his students. He is on what seems to be a throne in lavish robes and elegant headwear. It is not as apparent in today’s culture that the teacher is “above” the pupils like sitting above them all. It is shown in a more subliminal way with condescending rules such as dictating when one can use the bathroom. Also, the actual lecture hall seems to be full leaving out room for actual connection between each student and the teacher, creating an even bleaker learning experience. It is clearly depicted that both the teacher and the students are disengaged with actual learning. This whole system still is used to this day and still proves to be a failure shown through the ever growing dropout

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