The Importance Of Teachers As Leaders? Essay

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The Importance of Teachers as Leaders In today’s world, there is an ever-present need for restructuring our public school systems, particularly regarding leadership in our schools. “Teacher Leaders” is a term that is becoming more used in today’s educational setting. Teacher leaders, or leaders as teachers, are teachers “who aspire to stretch beyond their classrooms to engage in leadership roles that take many shapes and forms, both informal and formal” (Education Commission of the State, 2010, p.1). This is not a new concept but one that is being tweaked. Teacher leaders can serve as part of a team with other chosen teacher leaders and administrators, a sounding board for fellow co-workers, head of a particular committee, and/or a help in general to the principal with decision making for the school (Parkay, Anctil, & Hass, 2014). The pressure on principals has mounted and is at an all-time high, stressing the need for them to seek out strong, skilled, and competent leaders to which they can delegate tasks. Principals are expected to make administrative decisions for the school, be a mentor to the staff, perform as instructional leaders, and be held accountable by the government and state (Parkay, Anctil, & Hass, 2014). Due to the multitude of expectations on principals, it is crucial for educators within the system to take on leadership roles within their schools. This paper will discuss the importance of teachers as leaders, teacher leadership traits, roles of…

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